Study Buddies

Study Buddies will be closed over the Spring/Summer term. We are looking forward to reopening in the Fall Term. Please check back closer to the beginning of the Fall term to see when we will be open.


COVID-19 has left students feeling lost in this new environment and disconnected from the MacEwan and SAMU communities. As we have needed to adapt our current events, programs, and services to this online format we need to also consider avenues that support our students in alternative or innovative ways.

Enter Study Buddies!

Study Buddies is the first step in building the community that students desire and is missing. As a “students first” organization this new service will help to enrich the student experience with a dynamic and supportive sense of community while enhancing student well-being. Study Buddies is here to give students a supportive working environment to provide motivation and accountability.

Computer Requirements For Remo

Check your device compatibility before starting with Remo here. 

Get Started

Step into a moderated study space, set goals and get your work done. Study alone, or together with SAMU Volunteers to help keep you on track. Book a time, or just pop in, all from the comfort of your couch.

Book a Goal Session!

Book Now!
Or, use the links below to reserve your spot or join a current event without a goal session.

What to expect with a Goal Session:

  1. Volunteer check ins on your goal – beginning, middle and end of your session.
  2. Referrals and suggestions on studying if you get stuck. 
  3. An accountability Buddy!

What to expect with no Goal Session:

  1. Hang out and/or study at a table (max six students per table). 
  2. Volunteer check ins, if you have any questions.
  3. Virtual Campus

We Want Your Feedback

Let us know how Study Buddies is doing or if you have any suggestions for how we can improve the service.

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